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Physical Therapy

Conserves, supports, develops and restores movement and physical function which has previously been impaired or threatened by disease, injury, or disability. Research has shown that Virtual PT can be just as effective as its traditional
counterpart while being more affordable, more convenient, and more accessible.

Daily Aches and Pain.png

Daily aches and pains 

Treat the root cause to reduce overall pain levels for the long-term.

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Injury Recovery

Treatment for a variety of injuries – muscle pulls and strains, sprains,
tendinitis, and more.

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Surgery Recovery

Heal faster, improve flexibility and range of motion, minimize scar tissue development, and manage pain levels.

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Hip, back and

knee pain

Ease pain and improve mobility to return to regular functioning.

Chronic Conditions.png

Chronic conditions

Learn to move safely and functionally in ways unsupported by the body
in some time. Alleviate sources of chronic pain.

Ambulation Training.png

Ambulation Training

Provide a method of movement that allows
greatest functional independence and safety possible.

Fall Prevention.png

Fall Prevention

Evaluation and development of individualized treatment plans including
exercises to improve strength, mobility, and balance.

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Injury Prevention

Identify and address imbalances and risk factors that may lead to injury
or reduce physical performance.

Occupational Therapy

Enables individuals of all ages to live a full life by working to prevent – or help to live better with – injury, illness, or disability. OT assists in helping people to function at their highest possible level, to maintain or rebuild their
independence, and to be an active participant in their own everyday life.

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Home Safety Assessments

A safety and accessibility assessment geared toward individuals
with limited abilities and mobility.

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Wheelchair Fitting/Assessments

Evaluation of seating and mobility needs, maximizing
postural support and pressure distribution and ensuring the ability to use a wheelchair
independently and safely.

Stroke Rehabilitation.png

Stroke Rehabilitation

Focused on ensuring optimal functioning after discharge. OT
interventions center on improved quality of life and increased independence.


At-Home Ergonomics

Good ergonomics prevents injury and supports health, safety, and